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Rotary and Indexing Tables

Fibro Rotary and Indexing Tables


Rotary and indexing tables are used as:

Fibro Automation

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  • central units in rotary special-purpose machines for transporting workpieces and positioning them accurately in each machining station
  • workholders in standard and special-purpose machine tools for efficient, ultra-precise workpiece machining
  • controllable and highly versatile positioning devices for machining workpieces from different angles
  • toolholders for high-speed tool changes on a wide variety of machine tools

FIBRO’s comprehensive range of rotary indexing tables offers users any number of options for rationalizing and automating production processes, and of course for enhancing production quality.

Rotary indexing tables are available in any format or size from 6" to 63" in diameter.

FIBROTAKT® Standard with Face Gear

Fibrotakt Standard Index Table

FIBROTAKT® indexing tables have been designed for precision divisions and high working loads. Interlocking in the FIBRO face gear ensures maximum precision and rigidity long term. There are different versions and drive types to suit very application. Whatever the assembly weight, the built-in FIBROTAKT® indexing table for phased indexing machines combines minimum switching times with maximum precision and rigidity. It features a non-lifting indexing table, gear drive and easy access from below. 

FIBROTAKT® Flush-Mount Tables

Fibrotakt Flush-Mount Index TablesFIBROTAKT® Flush-Mount Tables were developed for use on rotary transfer machines. The concept derives from the well-tried FIBROTAKT®-series and is based on the principle of combining indexing and locking in a non-lifting system of face gear rings.

FIBROPLAN® NC Rotary Tables

Fibroplan Rotary TablesFIBROPLAN® NC rotary tables are equipped with a backlash-adjustable worm drive for use in machine tools for universal positioning. Rotary and multiple-axle machining (simultaneous operation) is possible. The application of high-resolution measuring systems and the special design features with high-precision, rigid bearings result in high positioning accuracy. Through hydraulic clamping in the positioned state, high machining forces can be absorbed. FIBROPLAN® NC rotary tables are available in different designs, configuration levels and variants. Multi-axle designs and combinations with linear tables, designs with pallet clamping devices and pallets as well as customised solutions are possible.

FIBROTOR® Indexing Tables  

Fibrotor FIBROTOR® indexing tables are designed with a worm roller drive for optimised rapid switching operations. They are used in welding and assembly operations, as a magazine table and for handling and feeding applications in automated processes. FIBROTOR® NC indexing tables have a worm roller drive of constant pitch. Any size of divisions are possible when used in conjunction with NC control.

FIBRODYN® Rotary Tables

Fibrodyn Rotary TablesFIBRODYN® direct-drive NC rotary tables have been designed for highly dynamic and high-precision rotation and positioning in machine tools and production equipment. This and additional special design features offer many advantages for the user:

  • flexible positioning in optional angular steps
  • zero backlash and high control performance as a result of no gearing
  • extremely short positioning times, e.g. ts = 0.36 s for 180° 
  • very high or very low constant rotational speed
  • positioning accuracy up to ±2 angular seconds; with measuring fault compensation below
    1 angular second
  • high repetitive accuracy < 0.2 angular seconds
  • high precision in terms of radial and axial concentricity in the micrometer range
  • hydraulic table top clamping as a force-locking connection between the table top and the housing
  • compact design and no protruding drive elements above the housing contour


FIBROMAX® Heavy-load Rotary Tables

Fibromax Heavy Load Rotary TablesFIBROMAX® NC rotary tables for universal positioning, rotary and multiple-axis machining (simultaneous operation). The modern conception with a rigid mechanical design, combined with high-quality drive and control elements, allows:

    • flexible positioning
    • high repetitive accuracy
    • high precision in terms of radial and axial concentricity in the micrometer range
      absorption of radial and axial forces through preloaded and generously dimensioned axial/radial bearing
    • hydraulic table top clamping for even higher tangential forces and offloading the gear
    • outstanding characteristics for rotary milling and simultaneous machining by preloaded bearings and electrically pre-stressed drive (twin drive).
    • operational safety and long service life as a result of careful design
    • low maintenance
    • wide variety of standard models – different types, configuration levels, and variants
    • overall system has been optimised in terms of rigidity
    • optimum power flow from the indexing table via the bearing through the roller circulation shoes and the linear table into the foundation


Planetary Indexing Systems

Fibro Planetary Intexing TableRotary Indexing Tables with planetary units are the "Specialists" when it comes to multi-face machining on Rotary Transfer Machines. Their arrangement details are as varied as are the workpieces and the machining requirements. FIBRO, with their immense experience in the entire field of rotary indexing, have the specialists, the equipment, and a vast range of batch-manufactured indexing elements to meet the most exacting demands.

Fibro-GSA Automation

The modular system

Fibro GSA AutomationThe building-block system is the perfect way for users to put together their own technically – and economically – optimized industrial automation solutions.

By adopting the modular approach, i.e. adding together individual modules such as linear and rotary manipulators, grippers and guide rails with carriages, users can assemble anything from a simple pick-and-place system to a multi-axis robot. Various models and sizes of mass-produced module are available, capable of transporting loads of up to 3.150 kg or more and of traversing at speeds of up to 6.5 m/sec over distances of up to 30 meters or more.

The different families of modules can be combined, and users are free to mix and match the various kinds of drive: electric, hydraulic or pneumatic. The resulting versatility means that each task can be tackled in the most appropriate way.


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